Montag, 23. September 2013

KW 39/2013: Gayathri, India & Leonberg

Who are in you in a few sentences, where in Baden-Württemberg do you live and what do you do there for a living?
I live in Leonberg, a suburb in the west of Stuttgart. I live here with my husband and kid for about two years.
I'm a software developer turned stay-at-home mom. I'm an Indian expat in Germany. When I'm not busy spending time with my two year old boy, I like to read in my Kindle, browsing websites like Quora, Pinterest, other Tech blogs and of course, Twitter. And, I do some Vegan cooking/baking, try my hands at few hobbies like Crocheting, growing plants in pots. Also, learning Deutsch :)
What is your Twitter account and since when do you tweet? About which topics?
My twitter account is @gakiq. I've been tweeting from 2007, everything about my current life, thoughts and things I find interesting.  
Do you have a blog or a personal website?
I moved entirely to microblogging and quit blogging slowly. I don't have any current active blogs.
Are you originally from Baden-Württemberg? Where exactly from? If not, why did you move here? If you are not living at your birthplace why do you live there where you are now?
I'm from South India. I moved to Leonberg for my husband's work. 
What do like about the place you live?
Leonberg is a calm town. It hosts people of varied cultures. People are friendly. The town has both flavor of old and new. It is self-sufficient for everyday life. 
Where do you love to go the most - except home ;-)
I'm always hanging out in the park with my kid or in the mall.  But weekends, we roam around in Stuttgart.
Your four tips for your place of residence or your region are...
* With kids, Wilhelma is the best place to hangout. Our friends who visit us from other places, always want to go to the Mercedes and Porsche museums. :)
* I love to visit the local farmer's market in Leonberg for fresh produce every weekend, until the season last. 
* Shopping in Königstrasse,Stuttgart. Though it is very usual, it's nice to have the varieties and I find it very lively, colorful with lovely people. 
* For eating out, we are still discovering many new Vegan places around Stuttgart, but our preferred Vegan-friendly Indian restaurants are Kashmir in Leonberg and Ganesha Restaurant in Stuttgart. 

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